The concept of Cell Information Therapy (CIT)


Jens Sachtleben was led by the idea of influencing cells with externally applied electromagnetic fields in order to balance dysregulated physiological processes which characterize diseases.  This concept he named Cell Information Therapy (abbrev. CIT). 

Since all (bio-)chemical bonds are driven by the interaction of charges, they can be affected by external electromagnetic fields (EMF).  These EMF can be of artificial or of natural origin.  A variety of physical models and theories try to elucidate the influence of "weak" electromagnetic fields on molecules and (bio-)chemical processes.  The interaction of EMF with biological material is far away from being fully understood.  However, with the advances of various analytical technologies it is becoming a growing field of research.  We see the CIT concept being supported by many publications - among them the following scientific observations:

  • Human beeings produce endogenous electromagnetic fields (reviewed by Funk et. al, 2009).
  • Intercellular communication through physical signals (as reviewed by Cifra et. al, 2010).

Some Company Facts:

  • 1994: Sachtleben GmbH was founded. Over 250 therapeutical devices sold, many applications in use.
  • Since 2000: certification according to European law (Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC).
  • 2003: new team members. Re-design of the Somagen® instrument.
  • 2004: first in vitro experiment (wound healing assay using human tendon fibroblasts, Seeliger, 2014) supporting empiric results (Visan, 2007).
  • 2011: VC accelerates scientific activities and a systematic CIT exploration. Research partnerships with university clinics and research organizations.
  • 2015: clinical bone healing study initiated based on CIT effects on primary human osteoblasts (Ehnert, 2015).