goodgut survey

Survey regarding an AI-driven IBD care solution

Based on the incredible suffering of IBD patients and listening to physicians about their IBD treatment reality, we have developed a wearable bowel sensor to prototype stage.


We presented this IBD care solution as a proposal to pharmaceutical companies and received great interest. But we also noticed a reluctance about medical benefits in general and, in particular, concerns that late-stage drug prescribing might suffer.


To raise funds for this project and recognizing that physician buy-in is critical to success, we aim to confirm the treatment needs and interest of IBD doctors by conducting this survey in multiple countries (e.g. Germany, France, the USA and Japan). In further surveys we will question IBD patients and selected future payers (e.g. statutory health insurances).


At the end of the survey we will ask you to confirm your email address. Your survey answers will be saved with this email address, used only anonymously and treated as strictly confidential. You will be informed of the results of this survey via the same email address.


Thank you for your trust and your participation.

Proposed solution: our goodgut sensor

Use cases for patients and doctors

Bowel Urgency Alert
Flare-Up Prediction
Better & Earlier Diagnosis