About us

There is nothing to hide about us and our research and development journey.


Based on science and technology, it is our goal to demonstrate the clinical-therapeutic potential of certain Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). We use state-of-the-art methods and work within the appropriate regulatory framework.


EMF devices have long been established as a physical therapy method for fracture-related bone applications. However, combined with technical and digital innovations, we see a much greater potential for this non-invasive therapy modality.  Affordable, personalized care solutions for some serious chronic diseases are within reach.

It is an extraordinary challenge and requires a multidisciplinary research and development effort to detect the subtle but measurable effects of EMF. Dedicated sensors are required for this. Based on numerous findings – see our publications – we have built up specialist knowledge in life and engineering sciences.
Supported by long-standing research partners, we now have the necessary skills to
  • do research with better controlled cell experiments,
  • develop systems and devices for laboratory and clinical use,
  • design trials using technical and digital possibilities,
  • combine monitoring and treatment capabilities into one wearable platform, 
  • better understand the patient journey, and 
  • finally, provide support for patients and insights for physicians.

Located on the campus of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) and integrated in a lively Life Science ecosystem we are open to collaborations which can accelerate our tasks.