Mary (40) recently became a mother. She tries to enjoy these precious moments but keeps worrying about a condition running in the family.

Her family had multiple cases of osteoporosis and for her mother the condition was so severe that she was not allowed to lift any weight as even one sneeze could cause multiple spinal fractures. Mary worries that soon she might not able to care for, let alone hold her child.

Mary started using wearables recommended by her orthopedic physician Dr. Smith. The last routine bone density scan revealed signs of osteoporosis.


Each patch features sensors and a non-invasive intervention device.

The integrated sensors give Dr. Smith an estimate on her bone density and helps him better understand the efficacy of any prescribed medication or treatment and recommended nutrition plan.

Mary is now able to check the effects of her medication and nutrition every day.


With a deeper understanding of her condition and help of her doctor, she fights the disease and soon sees an improvement in bone density.

54 million Americans and
6.3 million Germans are affected

Some fractures do not heal even with the best surgical or non-surgical treatment.


5-10% of all bone fractures develop into

Non-Unions (NU).

Risk for fractures increases dramatically with age


Elderly women have among the highest non-union rate among all patient groups.

Patients suffer and are restricted


  • Side effects of medications and long-time suffering
  • Repeated surgeries associated with many risks
  • Treatment is expensive and a high burden for payers and patients
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Ability to move or work severely restricted
(Source: www.orthobullets.com/trauma/12293/femoral-neck-fx-nonunion)
Disc used on scaphoid non-union in orthosis or cast

Localized, Non-invasive, Wearable


  • New bone care based on our long-time R&D
  • Wearable disc equipped with coils and sensors
  • Electromagnetic fields reach target tissue
  • Onboard sensors for condition monitoring
  • Wireless communication to phone

Preventive and personalized care

  • Specific bone sites or vertebrae can be reached locally
  • EMF discs integrated in an orthosis or into cast
  • Non-invasive treatment to avoid revision surgeries
  • Lower osteoporotic bone fractures likelihood
  • Reduced chance of non-unions in patients at high risk


Spine and/or osteoporosis application

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